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Highly confidential, do not disclose. Failure to keep information confidential will result in your removal from Alt Investment Club. ×

Hey - Paul here. I'm excited that you're applying for membership to the Alt Investment Club. If you're interested in investing in venture capital, real estate, private equity, or other alternative assets I think you'll find a lot of value inside.

It is currently free to join the club. But we do require you to apply for membership by answering the below questions. Because there is confidential information shared within the club, we need to learn a bit more about you. It will only take a minute to answer the questions.

Thanks and see you inside!

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  • Note: You can still be part of the club but will restrict you from the related asset class you are associated with so there are no conflicts of interest.

    Accredited investors have $1 million or more in assets (excluding your primary residence) OR have earned over $200k annually (single) or $300k annually (joint) for each of the past two years.

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